Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Friday, February 17, 2012

Magic...In Progress

I love all this painting, giving furniture a new home (in my home :), giving a room a new purpose, love, love, love. Makes me happy. So, the process is still on going. Getting ready to paint the kitchen area and I haven't hung anything yet (driving me crazy).."can't I just hammer in 1 nail and hang one little picture"...NOPE..need to wait until all the painting is done and every piece of furniture has it's home. My husband hid the nails, drill , etc. He know me too well. I will change my mind and have senseless holes in my newly painted on with the pics. More to come.

Happy Friday!!

This is a yellow piece I think from the 50's. My mom bought it at the local thrift and had it in her house for some time. made it's way to my house. She made me promise not to paint it. For 6 months I kept that promise. Sorry mom...yellow just doesn't have a place in my house.

                                The pic is not great. It really does look better. Even mom agrees.
                                                           The family room so far....

This is my "magical" most favorite room in the house. It had my big farm table in it. It's the families my hang out space. The big hutch has been moved to the dining room..and better pics to come. This space is getting painted this weekend.

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