Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 2 of my 30 day habit change...ok so I am alittle tired today..but loving this natural glow a run will give and so grateful to my hubby for pushing me.  
On to the good stuff. After going through months of my daughter having belly aches we learned that she has a gluten intolerance. With Valentines Day coming up I wanted her to have a special treat. So I consulted my Gluten Free Maven..who happens to be my bf. (she is starting a Gluten Free Blog that I am very excited about..more to come on her) She gave me the recipe for very yummy Gluten Free Peanut Butter Eggs which we make at Easter. So I picked up these mini heart cookie cutters at Walmart and thought why not hearts...So..yesterday I made these oh so PRETTY Gluten Free Valentines Day Peanut Butter Hearts. Love the way they came out. Taste like peanut butter cups..yeah I had a few..

I had a bowl full of white choc left over sooo...I thought to myself..I could sit here and lick the bowl (kinda defeats the purpose of my new exercise routine) or I could make Lemon Cheesecake Cookie Pops..(not gluten free)I made the cookie pops. For the kids of course.  Pics and recipes below.

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Hearts
3 Cups Organic Peanut Butter
3 Cups Powdered Sugar
1 tablespoon Spectrum Vegetable Shortening
1 tsp Vanilla Extract (gluten free)
White Choc and Dark Choc Melted
** I melt the Peanut Butter in a large bowl for about 20 sec. Then mix in sugar, vanilla extract and shortening. Put in freezer for about 20 min.  When you take it out I take a handful of the mixture and flatten it on wax paper and cut out my hearts. they go on a tray that goes back into the freezer for 20 min. Then they are ready to decorate...I keep them in the freezer and let them thaw on the counter for a few min before we eat them. Enjoy!!

Lemon Cheesecake Pops
1 box of 365 (whole foods) Lemon Cookies (crushed)
1 block of softened cream cheese
White Chocolate (melted)
Pink Sugar
*** Crush cookies in a bowl and mix in cream cheese. Mix until completely combines. Freeze for 20 min. Take out and make balls..put stick in and cover in chocolate and sprinkles. I put back in Freezer for 20 min then in fridge.


  1. Jen these look great!!!! Love the hearts for Valentines day idea. I will have to try to make some cookie pops one day soon too.

  2. Thanks Rach! You're next my friend!