Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Having Fun

Nothing makes me happier than painting and redoing ..stuff! We started prepping for our family room makeover yesterday.My husband took down hardware and spackled..for all of 20 min...then......

Oookkkaaayyy???? What the? Hello? Girl with paint brush waiting to paint!

I was nice and let him nap...There is always a creative elf in my head nudging me with things to create! While he napped...I made the prettiest flowers for my  shabby lamp shades that I am obsessed with. I am shabbying up every lamp shade in the house. And these little flowers are dyed in Beet Juice! I am really into beets lately..and the color of the juice in the jar...well..I've been eyeing it for weeks now every time I open the fridge. Soooo...I dyed my little fabric flowers with it and they came out beautiful..stained..faded and very SHABBY..Love them. I could pin them to a tee or put some around a lamp shade.

 Cut my circles..edgy and different sizes..put them in a bowl of beet juice for about 3-6 hrs. Some stay in longer than others to create the various shading...
 Make piles for your flowers...
Then I sow the middle and crinkle it up a bit...Voila!

 AFTER..It doesn't have a home yet since we are making over the family room...


  1. VERY creative with the beet juice! love it!

  2. Beautiful!!! And nice of you to let him nap ;)

  3. Love the lamps! Beautifully done.