Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy it's Monday! I really's my day to get laundry done..clean the house from the weekend...get more laundry done. Enjoy the quiet. Busy weekend..painting and playing with my new finds from the rummage sale I went to. Pics to come...Prepping the house today to start painting..very excited. I would just grab my paint and roller and go..but I have a man (thank goodness for him)..who will spend the day I stand by like a child holding my brush jumping up and down.."can I start? can I start?"!!
I could help prep...

Today's writing prompt is about grandparents...
My Nana's name is Kate (Catherine). She's from an Irish/German family in Jersey City , NJ. She is one tough cookie! And still is at 94 years old. Her motto in life is "Never say die .. Never give in..Never give up". Still says it everyday, that and walks around singing.."Life is just a bowl of cherries"!..Full of life..full of zest. A fiery redhead she is hoping to make it to 100 so she can be on a Smuckers Jar!
 I spent my childhood at her home on Saturday nights. Eating chips and watching Love Boat. I always felt special to her..she had a way that made you feel you were the only one who mattered to her. When I was 23 and lost my job...I decided to move to NYC. Change my life..needed a fresh start. I remember the day I left ... my car mother had left for work..she was too emotional for a goodbye. My Nana stood in the kitchen with a broom..sweeping. Sweeping and singing. I said goodbye and started to cry. She took my face and told me to "wipe away my tears..NYC was waiting. .. Go get your life" When I got in the car it was those words that made me strong. I turned back to wave and saw her wipe her eyes as I drove away. I knew she would never let me see her cry. Over the years she came to visit me and we had a ball romping around NYC...
I have sinced moved back and with each baby I had she would come for a week and stay with me. Do my dishes, laundry , make dinners and take care of the baby. All the while pampering me! At 80 something years old! I am so blessed to have her.
My first daughter is named after her..I only hope she has the love of life that her Gigi has. (That's her new name) but she is still Nana to me....


  1. that makes me want to cry! "NYC is waiting . . go get your life"! what a great nana!!

    1. Thanks Judy...You're sweet. On my way to your post next!