Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Friday, February 3, 2012

Yay! It's Friday!

Day 5 and feeling good..I get it now. You know how you hear that when you start working out your body craves it. I am starting to understand! Hope it doesn't fizzle..

Happy Friday..Hope you all have a nice weekend planned..Oh wait..It's Superbowl. That's why my man keeps asking "what are we eating Sunday?" "Whats the menu?" In between the kids talking, crying, asking for help..I hear him. I'm like ..Huh? What?..OK so it's Superbowl..Need to make some fattening , yummy deliciousness. I will run it off Monday!

Posting some pics from after school with the kids...sometimes it's the most simple things that make them the happiest. Ice cream in the backyard...we live in FL.. soooo..

Who can resist ice cream? Not the most flattering pic..I am learning to laugh at myself more in 2012..part of the process...

OK..Writing Prompt for today..Siblings!

I have a younger brother. (or as my daughter calls hers..a bother)..No..just kidding.
My brother and I grew up very close..playing games..riding bikes..I taught him how to sneak out of his crib and he fell and needed stitches..happy memories! Fair share of fights and bickering. We have a bond..maybe coming from divorce and what we went through growing up. we are adults and very, very different. Did I say very? Our values, who we are...just different. I will leave it at that. But...If I need brother is the first one there to say "what do you need"..He is loyal through and through. He's the guy at the party telling the offensive joke that you are visibly appalled by..but inside your laughing. It was disco night on Christmas Day at my daughter got a Karaoke machine for xmas..It was my brother who danced the night away and sang Bee Gees ..It was a show and it was the best Christmas! He's the guy that's friends with the kid no one else wants to be friends with. He has a heart of gold. Although I am usually seen rolling my eyes at him...I am blessed he's mine!

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  1. Families are amazing, and your children are beautiful! And who doesn't love ice cream?!