Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Friday, March 2, 2012

$10 Chandelier Makeover

I had posted weeks back about this brass chandelier that I picked up while antiquing with my mom at this local church flea market. I scored it for $10! The vendor said she wasn't sure if it worked. For $10 it was worth the risk. It sad neglected for a while until I painted it. I primed it first then just painted it white with some left over paint from a couple weeks ago when we painted the house. It sat neglected again...until...My wonderful husband hung it for me yesterday! Yay! And it works! Double Yay! I wrapped some satin ribbon in a champagne color around the link chain. My mom gave me these turquoise beads she picked up while antiquing in Mount Dora. I tried to swag them around the fixture. Think I need to play with them a bit. She is going back to Mount Dora this weekend..Have to get me some more of these beauties. Who am I kidding ? I have a list for her.

Here are some other random pics of what I've been working on....Easter is coming and I have a lonnnggg list of projects before then...(K honey? are you listening Mitch?) :)

 The table I moved in to the kitchen since the other one was attacking everyones feet and legs
 Just a quick coat of...(you guessed it) White paint and some Minwax. Need to sand it a bit to age it.
Ok, so I made this twig wreath from an idea on Pinterest. It kind of came out looking like a scary spider. So said the kids. "Whats the spider on the wall?" So I moved it to the from door and put my bundle of happiness (really. that's what they are called..from  a flea market in Santa Fe) sticks on the from door. Not sure what I think..weird or cool?

That's all for today. I have a busy weekend planned that includes the beach (sorry to my northern blogging friends) and family visiting. So, I won't be back until next week! Have a wonderful weekend all!


  1. Jennifer! The chandelier is AMAZING! I love it! Have a wonderful time visiting with family!

  2. Hello there, I found you kn the SITS blog. I LOOOVE that chandelier! You did a really great job, with the table too.