Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Monday, February 13, 2012


You know how you sometimes think it's better someplace else? I always feel people in Vermont must be happier than me, they can make snow angels! Or that in NC they have a beautiful Fall. They must be happier. I live in Florida, and have spent the last 5-6 years trying to escape! :)
I miss the change of seasons, a cold crisp day that isn't followed by 80 degree weather. I feel my kids are deprived not knowing a snow day or trick or treating through the colored leaves. Ahhh..Mayberry..surely it must exist. So, as I have spent the last few years pining away for some other place to raise my kids. All the while...God has other plans for me. Funny how that works. 

I know it's time to notice my blessings as I have so many. I live near my parents..actually 5 min away. My dryer broke yesterday and of course with 3 kids and loads of laundry this is a crisis. I took my wet clothes to my mom's house this morning to dry them. She came by yesterday to bring me Valentines Day flowers...

and she brought me this beautiful alabaster compote dish she picked up while antiquing. I filled it with shells we picked up from the beach. She wouldn't be able to do that if I lived in Colorado.

It's great to want for different or something else. Just make sure you don't stop being grateful for what's surrounding you. Otherwise life just goes and you wonder where you were!
And I'm sure there is someone right now in Maine wishing they were in sunny Florida. I took a picture of the view out my kitchen window. That's a blessing!

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  1. counting blessings is way important to being happy. Although, Vermont has MAPLE SYRUP!!!!!! And Florida has the Everglades and Disney World and beautiful beaches!!!