Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chaos and a Berry Smoothie

My house is turned upside down. Still getting ready to paint, (hear the silence and the clock ticking), yeah, me too! The room waits, with my husbands work schedule, a sink full of dishes (didn't I just clean them yesterday?), my daughter's science project, moving my son's class at school, and a multitude of life's happenings.

Then there's all the other things I want to do. Once I start one project I have to rearrange everything. Like a Pottery Barn table I have..I want to take the top off and use it as a headboard, make a HUGE chalkboard for the kitchen (need to paint in there too!), paint this old yellow piece I have. Oh, there is more but I will save them for another post. :)

Yesterday, I said to my man, (I'm not allowed to call him that anymore, my mother says it sounds cave women like). Thanks MOM!! OOOkaay, what shall I call him? Mitch (his name).
Anyway, we stood in the kitchen and I rambled before he left for work.."can you focus on me please? look at me, (as he packed his lunch, looked for his keys, looked for his glasses, checked a quick e-mail, looked for his keys again) I want to ..move this piece here, paint this, oh & I need you to build me a table, please look at me..are you listening? and hang the TV and turn this into a headboard..blah blah blah"
I know he's a good man (not my man but a good man!) and the love of my life when he comes home with a bottle of wine and says..."OK..lets talk".

Which brings me to Psalm 46:10 Be Still And Know That I Am God
My favorite and I happened to read it yesterday. I kind of stumbled upon it and it spoke to me.

(have to stencil that on to a big ol distressed whitewashed piece of wood)

So, for now I will be still..but first I have to make a Berry Smoothie.

Frozen strawberries, blackberries & raspberries, Almond Milk, Ice, Vanilla Protein Powder and 1 package of Truvia.

Have a Happy Weekend!

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