Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Friday, March 9, 2012


Today was pure bliss. I spent the morning at my daughters school watching her walk across the stage to get her honor roll certificate. It was a priceless moment. Since, last year she was barely passing. My oldest is a straight A girl. Things come pretty easy for her. But my middle one..she has more of a challenge.. a little more sensitive. I get her because she is me. I changed her school this year with a lot of fear and apprehension. Am I doing the right thing? Will she adjust? I think I was more scared than her. Flash foward to March 2012 and my baby is getting straight A's and feeling good about herself. So there we sat in the front row beaming with pride. Navigating through this motherhood thing is scary stuff. We can never be 150% sure our choices will go in the way we want or desperatly need them to go. I have no wise words or quotes. Just that as each of my children get older I see them for who they are,  each with there own special uniqueness and needs.

With that,  I went on to spend the day thrift shopping with my mom. Yay..I love hanging out with her. We went to lunch (which she complained through & I loved) and thrifted all afternoon or at least until I need to get my kids. I scored! Each amazing treasure was something I LOVED and had to have. I will post the pics soon of my finds. At the moment I am in bed watching Disney channel with my daughter across me, Too lazy to get the camera. Anyway, I so enjoyed my day with my mom. We even went for ice cream. So, this gets me thinking .....Will my girls LOVE hanging with me when they are older? Will they want to spend the day laughing, giggling and shopping with me? Hmmm I wonder. Through all the ups and downs in parenting what is it that kept me close to my mom? What's the secret? No, I really asked my mom "whats the secret?" and she always answers me the same "stop obssessing".

Ok..I will try.

Have a great weekend!! xoxo

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