Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrifty Finds and some not so thrifty

Summer is almost here! I know the kids are super excited. I'm (hmmm) excited too. Or at least trying to be. Some vacation plans, some weeks of camp, it's the weeks in between that I say hmmm. We don't have that fantastic summer weather where we live. It's rainy and humid. So lots of indoor stuff needs to be going on.
Okay! enough about that. I have added some new finds to my home. I picked up this old window. Added some mirror and gave it a little white wash. It was easy because the glass was already taken out. Hanging above the mirror is a great piece of drift wood. I have 2 more pieces to hang, trying to find the right spot.

So loving this stool. It reminds me of Restoration Hardware..ish. I found this at a flea market near my house... (drum roll please)... $5.00. I'm thinking of painting a number on it but for now just going to admire.

My FAVE!!! My husband called me on his way to work to tell me he picked up a $10 table from a garage sale. Lovely piece. At first when I saw it I thought I would paint it a bright fun color. But , nah, I will leave it for now. It's popping against my white walls.

Anthropology candle from my mom. Smells heavenly and looks even prettier.

Last, I dug this painting out of my pile of things I haven't seen in awhile. Gave the frame a white wash and added it to my kitchen.

Working on some projects for next week, I promise to be more exciting than this. Have a great weekend my friends!!

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  1. Jennifer,

    How nice of your husband to pick up the table! It's so cute and what a deal. Love all your personal photos. Some great additions here.

    Enjoy your weekend and .. those summers with the kids.. you will miss them so have with them!