Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Happy Home

Are you a creature of your surroundings? I know I am. If my home doesn't create a feeling of peacefulness or give me a sense of harmony I feel unsettled. Like prior to sitting down to do this post I needed to clean up the clutter in my room. It was bothering me. I could not sit down and relax with all the mish mosh around me. As I have been typing my son came in and I asked him to please take his legos out of my room. He responded by letting me know they would make his room messy and in case I wanted to play with them they were better left in my room. (Exhale) Anyway, my surroundings also must feed my creative craziness. It's been rainy where I am so we have been spending lots of time indoors. I can do something in my house, like something as simple as my little coffee area on my kitchen counter.

Or it could be a piece of furniture that I gave a new home.

 The funny thing is I could add something new, create something wonderful and have that AHA! moment. Every time I walk by (whatever it is) I will feel happy. Until I get bored of it. That's when the creative craziness comes out and my husband comes home and says "Oh, that wasn't there this morning..hmm looks good".

Little pops or big of things you love. Our lives are so busy and often chaotic. It's important for your home to offer you positive feelings.

Have a happy day! xoxo

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