Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Life, Family and a Cozy Home

Thursday, June 14, 2012


We attempted to make cotton candy for my daughter's birthday party. Do you just love the beautiful, pale pink color (very shabby chic) and the whispiness of it. My wonderful husband tried to make big billowy piles of pink sweetness for the girls.

Didn't happen. This oh so cute retro looking cotton candy machine just didn't perform.

Do any of you have this machine and does it work for you? It made some pink goodness but in small doses. This was actually fine for the girls with all the sugar going around. They had just finished  eating lots of candy and cake.

On to the CAKE...

Disclaimer: Please disregard the ugly blue plate.

I thought I put the cake on my beautiful cake plate before I took the picture. (guess not).

I would like to say I made this amazing cake. I didn't. My lovely mom made it with the help of the birthday girl. She did make the white, vanilla cake from scratch. I don't have that recipe. I do however have the frosting recipe. The frosting was heavenly. So yummy. It made the cake. You could impress your friends and family with a boxed cake and this home made frosting! I'll share with you...

Could I just vent for a moment?  I never understand when people have a "secret recipe". Can someone please explain this to me? My sons wonderful teacher had a Mothers Day lunch in her classroom back in May. She made a delicious lunch. It was really good. She had made this Asian style napa cabbage salad. she raved about it that we would all be back for seconds. She then said it was a (here's that word) SECRET recipe. I thought she was kidding and I asked for the recipe, in person and in my thank you note. I even tried to bribe her and asked for the recipe in my end of the year gift to her. recipe for me. "It's a secret" she would say. If you make something so great that the people you are making it for would like to remake it...why not share? Isn't that flattering? I could do a whole post on this. Ok, enough about people who don't share recipes. I do have a theory..(it's store bought). (eh hum).

Since I do's the Cherry Frosting Recipe:
(It's actually from Better Homes & Gardens May 2012)

1 Cup (2 sticks) Softened Butter
8 Cups Powdered Sugar
6 Tbsp Juice From Maraschino Cherries
1 Tsp Almond Extract
extra cherry juice
** In large bowl mix butter until smooth on med. Gradually beat in powdered sugar 2 cups. Slowly beat in cherry juice and almond extract. Gradually beat in remaining sugar. Beat in extra cherry juice until smooth for spreading.

Hope your day is SWEET...xoxo


  1. Wow! How fun to try and make cotton candy! Your cake looks yummy and that cherry frosting sounds rich and delicious.

    I agree.. I don't get it when people don't share recipes. Kinda silly if you ask me :)


  2. Okay, well, I was going to compliment you on the gorgeous delicious looking cake! But since you didn't make it, I won't :)
    Secret recipes are stupid.